Business Partner

CLOUDNET is a premier computer hardware networking and software training institute in India. India is a thriving economy with lots of space for infinite growth in different sectors.With Indian economy being the second biggest in the world and growing by leaps and bound, most of reputed MNCs are looking to venture into the marketplace of India.

Availability of huge manpower is one of the crucial reasons for the surging interest of multinational companies in India. A great percentage of the traditionally trained manpower is not skilled. The lack of professional IT skills has created a gap between prospective employers and fresh graduates in India. CLOUDNET has taken the initiative to fill in the void with supply of skilled human resource and make India worthy of investments in IT.

Training fresh graduates in the professional ways of the IT sector and empowering them with advanced skills is a challenging responsibility that CLOUDNET has taken up to shoulder for the economic well-being of the country. To make our vision of a multifariously skilled India a reality, we have built up a world-class team of trainers who are industry leaders in various niches.

Through our training programs and placement services available under one roof, we are looking to see our students happy and the employers satisfied, at the same time. This is what our reputation of being a reliable IT training institute rests on. We are glad to elicit positive response of global employers to our tireless efforts in fulfilling their requirement for skilled Indian IT talent. For the same reason, MNCs and domestic organizations partner with us and seek cutting-edge manpower solutions in multiple domains – IT infrastructure, software programming, web development, search engine optimization, ERP, soft skill training, English communication, etc.

  Franchisee model for our Business Partners

We are glad to invite promising entrepreneurs to partner with us and implement our manpower solutions in their businesses. Any entrepreneur with dynamic mindset and the vision to make it big in the professional education sector can be a CLOUDNET partner. Graduate qualification and relevant industry experience are the fundamental criteria that business partners need to meet.

It is advantageous to be a partner of CLOUDNET. We will provide you with our business model in IT training. If you are looking to set up a professional training institute and hit the jackpot at the same time, you are welcome to join hands with CLOUDNET. We provide our business partners with consistent marketing support, technical support, training support and placement support. We assist you to establish a training center in all possible ways. Please contact us for terms & conditions, and details of investment in the venture.

  Marketing Team

We have implemented goal-oriented marketing strategies to facilitate our growth, development and expansion across the country. Our marketing support team is at work towards achieving the goals, establishing the brand name, creating the brand identity and accomplishing the mission of CLOUDNET. The CLOUDNET marketing team has been operating in different parts of the country to generate awareness of our certified IT training and soft skill courses among thecareer aspirants of the country. Our marketing objectives are reaching out to the corporate career enthusiasts and making them understand the value of professional IT training as well as enterprise English communication. At CLOUDNET there is a hierarchy of marketing professionals for business development, with a Territory Managerin-charge of 5 centers. A Regional Manager is in the responsibility of 10 centers. The Regional Managers coordinate with and among the Territory Managers to align the Company's business goals and expansion plans with the marketing objectives. The centers are interconnected facilitating centralization of the entire business development process.

  Technical Team

The technical team of highly qualified, industry-experienced professionals with a treasure of expertise and knowledge forms the nucleus of CLOUDNET Institute of Information Technology (P) Ltd. The technical team is responsible for providing IT education training support to our students who comprise of fresh graduates and working personnel. The team is always at work to provide our business partners with technical knowledge and training support. The training professionals on the team keep updating their knowledge of the industry and upgrading their skills with the latest technological advancement. The technical team undergoes a periodic training on implementation of new technologies in the infrastructure. We make sure to get trainers' skills certified by the vendors in alliance with us, before incorporating them into the organization.

  Placement Team

We have built up a growing network of reputed placement agencies and leading IT companies in connection with our own placement unit. The CLOUDNET placement team has been working with the placement partners to get our qualified students placed in their preferred niches of the IT sector. We invite IT and non-IT companies to the campus interview of our students on a periodic basis. The students are guided and groomed for the interview. We offer Lifetime placement support to all the students.

  Why investors team up with CLOUDNET

Few reasons to join hands with CLOUDNET

   CLOUDNET'S multi-brand network provides strong support to business partners

The far-reaching network of our five premier brands : CLOUDNET Institute of Information Technology (P) Limited is a group company with five brands of different services under the roof. Academic courses of various levels, IT training programs, distance education courses, preparatory courses for competitive exams, vocational courses and job placement are under the purview of our venture. Evidently, association with us is full of advantages for business partners. Our five brands – CLOUDNET, CLOUDNET Academy, CLOUDNET Essential, CLOUDNET IT Solution and CLOUDNET HR Solutions – make a big network that covers a wide area of Indian marketplace. We have a huge database of IT companies and placement agencies. In collaboration with us, you can reach out to the target audience easily.

The backbone of CLOUDNET : CLOUDNET IT Solution and CLOUDNET HR Solutions – two of the five brands – form the backbone of CLOUDNET. These two brands are the mainstay of our venture. CLOUDNET HR Solutions is responsible for creating a large database of vacancies and job opportunities, available in MNCs. CLOUDNET IT Solution works on multiple IT projects of domestic and global clientele. Our students gain hands-on experience of working on various projects as part of the training programs. CLOUDNET IT Solution serves efficiently the dual purpose –generating revenues from the projects and delivering practical knowledge to the trainees.

CLOUDNET helps actualize your multi-business plans : An investor or business partner may have multi-business plans to venture out in different segments of the industry. CLOUDNET provides cutting-edge but cost-effective solutions –technical support, technological infrastructure, marketing strategies, investment planning, consultancy, etc – to help you actualize your multi-business plans. A CLOUDNET business partner can utilize all resources, available affordably at CLOUDNET, with subscription to any or all of our five brands under the single roof. We assure you of flexibility and reliability in dealing with us. As a business partner of CLOUDNET, you will have multiple opportunities to grow with us. We believe in the collective growth of our brands and business partners.